Solera is proud to present InPart, a 21st century tool designed to aid in the purchase of Truck and Automotive parts, for mechanical and collision shops and other parts buyers. Use this Supplier Locator Tool to identify the 25 InPart enabled parts suppliers closest to the provided zip code. This tool is to be used as a guide only

If you already have InPart Username and Password

For users of any of our InPart partners including APU, DST, TurboParts, eCounter, Pep Express or any of the 40 shop management systems integrated with InPart (formerly TurboParts and APU), please enter your Username and Password in the partner software. Please Note: Many of our partners offer a variety of connection types, so if your Username and Password does not work then ask your supplier specifically for InPart (formerly TurboParts) Username and Password. If you do NOT have your InPart (TurboParts/APU) Username and Password, please use the zip code locator tool below to search for your existing parts vendor.

If your supplier is listed above
If you see your supplier in the list, ask them for your InPart username and password. Be sure to ask for and receive InPart Username and Password. If you would like to have us contact them for you, click the button bellow and fill out the information completely. We will do our best to let them know of your interest.
to contact a supplier in the list.
If your supplier is NOT listed above
If your supplier is not listed below, they are not yet part of the InPart (formerly TurboParts and APU) network. Click the button below and completely fill out the request form and we will notify them for you. Please note: It is the supplier's responsibility to respond to these requests.
so we can let your non-network supplier know you wish to get connected.